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M&B Libary
64. CZ/SK regiment Petr Bukovjan - grafik
Bannerlord: poslední 3 Dev Blogy
Community Tales #4Piconi
  {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26623866/cb11e221c48983395f6a5c168becd0f2ed6e9e17.png Greetings warriors of Calradia! Welcome to the fourth edition of the Community Tales! Before we highlight the new creations and events, we would like to share more on the progress of the v1.2.x version series. Recently, we’ve released Beta v1.2.5 which addressed a plethora of issues, brought improvements to the settlement garrison balance and tweaked the combat AI by introducing a larger fighting skill gap between lower and higher skilled troops. Furthermore, Dedicated Server files have been made available for Beta, we’ve made a number of balance adjustments based on your feedback and added the ability to favorite servers. Finally, modders can now explore the new and improved moddability of the World Map, the bulk shader compilation (which reduces module loading times) as well as the ability to define and use your own decals. Finally, as 1.2.5 grew larger than expected, the previous November cross-platform release estimate will likely not be met. Having said that, this month still saw significant progress towards a release in the next few weeks. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and continued support as we strive to deliver a stable and well-rounded patch. A big thank you to everyone who has provided feedback, reported a bug or uploaded a dump report. Artisan's Atelier Vlandian Sharpshooter by Renault McKinnon Sharpshooter.png Empress Rhagaea Pethros BL4RT4CT Rhagaea Pethros.png Knightly Vistas Sol Invictus by saintlaurent Invictus.png Night Battle by ♛ 𝕽𝖔𝖈𝖍𝖔 ♛ Battle.png Crafting Marvels Mercenaries Expanded.png Elite Mercenaries Expanded by TheMerc This mod introduces new mercenary troops, with historically-inspired appearances and loudouts, with some having uniquely crafted weapons. It allows you to recruit higher tier mercenaries more easily as their troop trees consist of tier 5 and tier 6 units. All the mercenaries can be found only in the towns of their culture. Events.jfif Random Events by Phill544 Spice up your gameplay with the many different random events this mod provides - anything from various illnesses and getting ambushed by bandits to recruiting eager soldiers and helping the refugees you meet along the way. Many of these events have multiple choices that ultimately shape the kind of adventurer you want to be. BattleStats by OneZ Keep track of your personal, your clan members’ and troops’ stats from battles you fought together. The information provided includes total kills, personal record, kills per battle, times wounded and total number of battles. Chronicles in Motion I Spent 50 Days as an ASSASSIN in Bannerlord by Arean I Used Julius Caesar's Tactics To DOMINATE The Battlefield! by Strat Gaming Guides How Wanderers Spawn into the World by Hero Chivalrous Assemblies Bannerlord Native League #3 The community-organized Bannerlord Native League #3 has come to an end. All the divisions have gotten their new champions who won their share of the loot prize pool. Congratulations to Deutschritter Furor for taking the gold in the grand finals (watch here), well done to all the teams that participated, and GG to the teams our own TaleWorlds squad played against! The BNL administration team has done wonderful work with the organization and maintenance of this tournament and we hope to see many more iterations of the Bannerlord Native League. Below is the final table of the top 3 division A teams, as well as the winners of all the other divisions. If you would like to suggest content for the next #CommunityTales, make sure to tag @Mount_and_Blade on Twitter or @mountandblade on Facebook with the #CommunityTales. Alternatively, you can reach out on our forums to Piconi or Dejan.zobrazit dev blog na Steamu

Mount & Blade Autumn Sale!Dejan
  {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26623866/5464cfee37cde708e409be072449bb349d034995.png As the trees' crisp and colorful leaves drop, so does our Autumn Sale! Don't miss your chance to get Bannerlord 30% off. You can also pick up all previous Mount & Blade titles with a 75% discount. dev blog na Steamu

Mount & Blade Weekend Sale!Dejan
  {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26623866/0b586a085293ce3ccdf5b25349832155c5ef0682.png Starting on November 20th, Steam will be changing the currency used for sales in Türkiye and Argentina to USD due to the exchange rate volatility of these countries’ currencies in recent years. To ease this transition, we’re happy to announce the start of a weekend sale! This provides an opportunity not only for future warriors of Calradia who are currently using the Turkish Lira and Argentine Peso to acquire our games at a discount before the switch - but also for everyone else around the world. Starting now and running through Sunday, you get a 30% discount on Bannerlord as well as 75% off on all our previous Mount & Blade titles. Thank you for being a part of our community and we hope you have an awesome butter-eating, village-raiding, and castle-sacking weekend! dev blog na Steamu

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Od ohlášení to trvalo pouhopouhých 7 let, 186 dní a 11 hodin, ale konečně jsme se dočkali!

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24/07/2023 19:26
Tak co ten DC jaký je ? 😁Dojdeme pokecat ne ? Naposledy jsem tu hrál v roce 2013 snad 😁

04/02/2023 17:31
Fungujeme jako speciálná jednotka na CRPG módu a když hrajeme siege Grin

08/01/2023 14:32
No, jak se to vezme Smile Je otázka, co tím máš vlastně přesně na mysli? Grin

07/12/2022 13:56
Hooooj, už fungujem?

04/12/2022 01:32
Moj steam 56402641

04/12/2022 01:20

04/12/2022 01:12
Nazdar lidi to je doba.. vidim ze kore je tady parada krizek taky ale martin tu neni nase mala cubka Grin a tesik Grin vytvoril som servery s modama na conan exiles kto si chce zahrat je to survival openw

20/08/2022 14:06
Zdaarec jakej je DC ? rád bych přišel po XX letech pokecat Smile hodně vzpomínám na tuhle hru a na tenhle KLAN !!!

25/06/2022 11:10
Discord sever myslím máme založený nějaký, ale stejně všichni chodíme stále na team speak Grin

22/06/2022 08:33
Čus, je hezké, že i po dlouhé době, co si vzpomenu na Warband, se tu občas objeví nějaký komentář :-) Discord zní dobře.

Viking Conquest 2.064
  {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/1392312/224bb96f2c9f766ef2607141e64e70310ca465a6.png Viking Conquest 2.064 is live! Server admins and modders can access the latest files on our website here. PATCH NOTES (2.064) test g_talk_troop in inventory subscript, to avoid errors from assuming that the player is always talking to a merchant initialize g_talk_troop when merchant inventory is called from the town menu, to avoid those same errors and get proper merchant discounts add dealing agent check to "kludge formatio...zobrazit celý dev blog

Moravian Warriors

Lord_Peter, Conan, Harleqes, WildWolf, Kai, Fildas, Haman, Krizek, Kore, Kuchra, Pepa168...

Přidat do Steam:
Moravian Warriors

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